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Ron and Virginia

It was a big decision for us to embark on a major landscape renovation this summer.
Not only was the cost daunting, but also the thought of parting with a yard we had lived with for 20 years!
Your team worked with us to implement a whole new front yard look. We took your plans in faith, really, and held our breath for the end result.
The end result was an exciting new look to an old front yard. We still come home at the end of the day and marvel at the fact this is really our yard. We have actually increased the size of the house by taking it out from behind old, large shrubs.
Execution of the project was as quoted, both for price and time, which is always a pleasant suprise when contracting any renovation. But even more, we felt listened to throughout the exercise. Your team were friendly, knowledgeable, open to suggestion, and they really really love plants! Your mothering and bossy after- care around watering has resulted in a healthy garden that will look even more beautiful next Spring. (Yes, the Smoke Bush lived!)
We would have no hesitation in recommending your team to anyone!