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Peace of Mind Property Management

Are you on your strata’s gardening committee with no idea where to start?
Do you have frustrated owners with differing opinions?
Is your landscape in need of attention and a long term plan?

Over the years we have helped numerous Strata Corporations with their gardening issues. There are many situations where a person volunteers for the position of Landscape Manager on their Council and find themselves disillusioned and wishing they had never signed up. This position often leaves many people frustrated and sometimes harassed by other owners who disagree with the policies. Although people mean well, they are often working from a basis of myth, not fact.

With our Peace of Mind Property Assistant and our experience in this industry, we can help! We assist Strata Corporations with making decisions regarding the best way and the best cost options plus we will help clarify the long-term ramifications of these decisions. We will aid in developing your custom landscape guidelines for both your council and contractors to follow. This guide is created specifically for each Strata Corporation and is made available to council and/or owners as required. It can also be shared with contractors (eg. Irrigation Company) to ensure all items are being followed. It is our goal to assist your council and owners in making the best decisions possible, utilising our knowledge base and experience as a guide. Our experts will provide on-site visits or online consultations with your Strata Council or your Landscape Manager (an individual or group – your choice) in order to create your customised landscape guide. Let us help reduce the anxiety and stress which accompanies group decision-making experiences. As we develop this site, there will be options to sign up for our landscape support service. If you think this service would be a good fit for you, please send us a note

Consider KHS Landscape Professionals, we can build a custom Peace of Mind Property Management package for you. This comprehensive package includes:

  • A site visit and initial consultation to assess your strata property
  • A preliminary report followed by a quote specific to your needs
  • Upon acceptance, a complete property landscape assessment and report is custom build for you
  • From there, a Landscape Guideline is developed for council, residents and landscape contractors
  • A 5 year plan of action to achieve the goals identified as highest priority

Why consider a Peace of Mind Property Management package?

  • COST. Mismanagement and lack of knowledge about landscapes becomes expensive, often resulting in wasted resources maintaining existing problems.
  • PLANNING. Landscapes are living entities that require long term plans to replace ad improve over time. Be prepared by knowing what needs to be done in the future to ensure proper planning and control your budgets.
  • IMPROVEMENTS. Developers have no interest in your long term landscapes with future management in mind. Plants are often chosen based on availability and not on practicality. Let us guide your landscape decisions in a cost effective way that improves what you have while being mindful of the future costs of maintenance.
  • CONSISTENCY. Our Peace of Mind Property Management package stays with your strata. So when council members leave or you’re away on a vacation, the plan for your landscaping is already in place. It provides all future councils with the same information so that random changes or decisions cannot impact the long term plan. Long term owners will appreciate the consistency and your budget will not be impacted unexpectedly.

Areas Peace of Mind Property Management package will cover:

  • Plant assessment (Identify varieties, plant maintenance, pest management, etc.)
  • Turf areas (probing for soil depth and type, pest and disease issues, fertiliser treatments, irrigation etc)
  • Water-features
  • Hardscapes (paving stone areas , block walls, rock walls, fences, etc. )
  • Irrigation systems (water waste, timer settings, soil types, plant watering requirements, etc.)
  • Additional (Quoted separately)
    • Pools & spas
    • Roads
    • HVAC
    • Windows
    • Gutters
    • Fences
    • Power equipment
    • and more!

Need more reasons to contact us?

  • Reallocate funds from excessive hedge trimming to something better. Some strata’s spend up to 35% of their annual budget on hedge trimming. All the expense, all the exhaust and all the noise can be eliminated by making simple adjustments to the plant selection.
  • Trees are often abused due to bad placement, planting or pruning. Have a tree by tree care plan that keeps your investment safe and healthy.
  • Irrigation is often set by inexperienced irrigation workers, have your system set properly by people who know soils and plants.
  • Water conservation is an important topic these days and no one wants to waste water. Its time to figure out where the water is going.
  • Turf areas are often mistreated by pest control, fertiliser and irrigation. Have a program set up specifically for your needs. There are still pest control companies that spray lawns for leather jacket insects and they haven’t been a problem since the 90’s! We have found lawns that were in great shape getting intensive treatments and lawns that were struggling that didn’t receive the treatments to bring them around.
  • To mulch or not to mulch, that is the question. To spray or not to spray that is also a good question. Have a better knowledge of what needs to be done and when.
  • Staying within budget. Have a prioritised list of maintenance items.
  • What are the best practices in the landscape industry? Let us help you answer specific questions.

If you think this service would be a good fit for you, please send us a note