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Strata Help

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Over the years we have helped numerous Stratas with their gardening issues. There are many situations where a person volunteers for the position of Landscape Manager on their Council and find themselves disillusioned and wishing they had never signed up. This position often leaves many people frustrated and sometimes harassed by people who disagree with the policies. Although people mean well, they are often working from a basis of myth, not fact. As experts in this industry, we can help! We assist Stratas with making decisions regarding the best way and the best cost options plus we will help clarify the long-term ramifications of these decisions. We provide advice on how to select a contractor, or will help determine if a contractor is really needed. We will aid in developing your landscape guidelines for both your council and contractors to follow. It is our goal to assist your council and strata property owners in making the best decisions possible, utilizing our knowledge base and experience as a guide. Our experts will provide on-site visits as well as live, online consultations with your Strata Council or your Landscape Manager (an individual or group – your choice). We understand and can reduce the anxiety and stress which accompanies group decision-making experiences. As we develop this site, there will be options to sign up for our landscape support service. If you are interested in reducing your anxiety and stress by engaging with industry experts and signing up for this strata service, please send us a note saying so to