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Landscape Design Services

Anderson sketch rear garden


Our goal is to design beautiful and sustainable landscapes which meet the wishes of every one of our clients.  We believe that the time and effort spent during the design and planning stage of a landscape project is crucial to its success.

This is how one of our typical landscape designs will progress: During our first visit to your property, you will have the opportunity to explain your needs and ask questions.  We will appraise the site, take photographs and make some notes.  There is no charge for this first visit although we try and keep it to under an hour in duration.

Following this visit, we will prepare you a quote for the cost of the design package.  Prior to starting any work we will prepare a contract and take a deposit of 25% of the value of the design.

One of our first steps in the design process is to prepare a base plan of the property using professional CAD software. If you have any property plans we like to get copies of these.  Having these drawings can save a lot of time measuring on site which cuts down on your costs.    We will visit the property again to take additional measurements and gather more information.  We may also want to meet with you again at this time.

The next step is to start piecing together the elements that will make the project a success.  Many people think that a landscape design is just about plants but there are many other considerations which may include:

Existing soil type, rainwater collection, underground utilities, overhead power lines, sewer collection, septic systems, rainwater harvesting, retention systems, snow clearing, riparian landscaping, bylaws, maintenance, access, construction methods, irrigation, new soil, access, mulches, deer and other pests, paving materials, decorative rocks, rock walls, concrete, landscape lighting, misting systems, outdoor kitchens, water features, hot tubs, pools, weed management, invasive plants, tree removal, tree conservation during construction, … then we start thinking about plants!

Our knowledge and experience has given us the skills to quickly develop appropriate concept sketches and rough layouts for you to review. Once we have a package of material ready to present we will arrange to meet again.  The design is a two way process and we want to be sure you are getting what you want so we will be asking you questions about how you use the property, what your expected levels of maintenance are and what your budget is. Throughout the design process, we can communicate via email, phone or in person and will incorporate your comments into the design as we go.  We are designing the garden for you so your input is important!

As we gather more information we continue to develop the design plan, until we are ready to meet one last time to present your landscape design package and answer any more questions you may have.

Costs: Our landscape designs start at $1100 for a small to medium sized front or back garden design.  However, if you have a large or more complicated site, you should expect to pay $2,000 or upwards for a comprehensive design drawing, associated project planning and design consulting. Our rate for design is $80 per hour and we keep a detailed record of all our time spent on a project and bill you accordingly. If we are able to complete the project quicker than anticipated, we will bill you the lesser amount than estimated.

We hope you find this information helpful. However, if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to working with you!