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Give Your Plants Elbow Room!

When planing your garden spaces be sure that you have enough room for your plants to live there so be sure to give your plants elbow room. Even though we can select the plants to fit specific areas like small plants for small spots bigger plants for bigger spots, it still makes your spots a challenge to make things fit. I suggest making your planting areas as big as you can. This allows the option to select with dimension in mind. I like smaller plants beside bigger plants or planted in the foreground. If you have a long skinny bed it is very difficult to select plants to fit that will not need constant trimming or staking to stay in their given area. So some times when we don’t have enough space we need to forget about planting there or remove all the grass and put a stepping stone path through to give the plants as much room as possible. The problem with plants is the labels. They are often tagged to show a seemingly perfect size. Then when we plant them they decide to grow bigger faster that anticipated and we have a maintenance issue. I had a client crank up his irrigation to run daily for a very long duration and it caused all the perennials to explode and over grow the given space. I am always having to remind people that their irrigation is like the gas pedal of their property and if they want a lot of maintenance work just crank it up and you wont be able to keep up. I would suggest planning for all plants to get bigger that you think and it will help reduce the amount of work to keep things in check. And please remember to control the growth of your garden by managing your irrigation water! Have a great summer! Remember to follow me at Grower Coach on face book and Instagram and listen in on Saturday mornings at 8am on the AM1150 Garden Show!

Ken Salvail