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Curved wall completes eclectic garden in Kelowna!

Condon 1 colourCondon-1Afterfrom Donna



One of my most exciting and interesting design projects this year was to complete the last corner of this eclectic garden.  The owners of this wonderful outdoor space in south Kelowna, rebuilt after the fires of 2003, had almost finished their labour of love.  My first thought when I saw the photographs of the site, taken by a colleague and before I had even seen the site, was that was was needed was a curved, coloured wall.  A few sketches later and after many fun hours on site setting up mock steps, posts and wall heights to try and visualise the finished result, what you see in the photos above is an almost complete project.  The client planted the plants on the bank themselves and the coloured stucco just got applied before the weather turned, the cedar for the arbour over the bench is drying in the garage ready for installation next year.  This was a challenging project which came together with fantastic results – thanks to all those involved!