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Season 2: Episode 2 – Therapeutic aspects of gardening.



Grower Coach Podcast
Season 2: Episode 2
Date: Feb 16, 2020

Intro – Welcome to the Grower Coach Garden Show! I’m Ken Salvail.

Good day discussion – Therapeutic aspect of gardening it’s good for the mind and soul!

Today’s topics include our email questions our plant of the week a talk on Companion Planting and mulching. And our what bugs you segment. Not in that order

Email Vault of questions
Evelyn from Kelowna asks I have an old house plant I think it’s an umbrella tree when is the best time for transplanting??

Jerri from Armstrong has a Tree that has a crack in the trunk what or who can I get to remove it?

Mary from Kamloops has a Norfolk Island pine that’s 8ft tall and hitting the roof can I cut it back?

Topic discussion
Companion Planting

Plant of the week is the Hamamalis mollis early blooming Witch hazel

Mulching tips!

What bugs U – how late beneficial insects are at coming out each year. But it’s for a good reason

Thank you everyone!!!

We’ll be back next week with more Grower Coach Garden Show!


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