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Season 2: Episode 1 –


Grower Coach Podcast
Season 2: Episode 1
Date: Feb 9, 2020

Good day discussion Happy new year!

Today’s topics include our email questions plant of the week and our main topics top garden tips of 2019

Email Vault of questions

Larry asks can we grow goji berries in a zone 5 climate?

Bill asks whats causing sticky sap on my orchids?

Lindsay asks What is the best way to amend sandy soil for my new veggie garden?

Bio char, worm castings and compost with granular Kelp

Topic Discussion
Landscape Design Tips
Building beds size shape burming
Plant distribution evergreenĀ  flower timesĀ  balance without simitry
Formal plantings
Have utilities checked
Make sure your roof drains are functioning properly!
Make sure plants are selected for size and shape most importantly.
Pick long blooming plants for high vis areas.
Plan surface mulching before you pick plants and add the cost accordingly.

Lets get into Garden!
Plant of the week – The Perennial plant of the year chosen by the perennial plant ass.

SOIL- Peds

What bugs U –
Fungus gnats


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