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Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’ – Hidcote Lavender



Lavender Hidcote row Lavender Hidcote

Native to the Mediterranean, Lavenders like full sun and well drained soil which is why they do so well here in the Okanagan.

Another one of our all time favourites, Lavender is looking spectacular now.  It looks very nice when planted in combination with yellow flowered plants, such as Stella d’Oro daylily and Moonshine Yarrow.  It also looks great with red leaved shrubs, such as the Barberries in our photo.  It makes a super hedge type plant but needs space to fill out.

If you cannot get enough of these beautiful plants and would like to see more varieties, you might like to visit the Okanangan Lavender Herb Farm in South East Kelowna.  Visit their website for information on opening hours etc.


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