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Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubris’ or ‘Red Baron’

Imperata cylinrica 'Rubra' or 'Red Baron'
Imperata cylinrica ‘Rubra’ or ‘Red Baron’

Commonly grown in many areas around the Okanagan, this ornamental grass has a very striking colour that deepens as the summer progresses. In the autumn it offers a brilliant show of blood red foliage. The colours are deepest when grown in full sun but it is important to ensure the plant receives enough water and has good drainage, or the colours will slowly fade away. Plant in groups of three to maximize the stunning effect of the colour and graceful leaves.

Botanical Name: Imperata cylindrical ‘Rubra’ or ‘Red Baron’

Common Name: Japanese Blood Grass

Plant Type: Perennial Ornamental Grass

Growth Rate: Medium

Size: 45-50 cm h, 30-45 cm w

Soil Type: Normal, Sandy, or Clay

Soil pH: Neutral, Alkaline or Acid

Water: Medium

Exposure: Full sun, partial shade

Flowering Season: Rarely flowers

Foliage Colour: Red Variegated

Propagation: Divide in April-June

Additional Attributes: Moisture Tolerant, Deer resistant


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