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Hydrangea Serrata Blue Bird – Blue Bird Hydrangea

Hydrangea Bluebird close up Hydrangea Bluebird

Hydrangea Serrata Blue Bird (Blue Bird Hydrangea) is a vigorous hydrangea which blooms from June through ’til frost.  Its foliage also has lovely fall colors.  You can expect this Hydrangea to reach an average size of 4’ tall by 4’ wide and it prefers to be located in rich, well-drained soil.  The Blue Bird Hydrangea is tolerant of some sun.

Serrata Hydrangeas in general do not require much pruning except to achieve a tighter plant or to maintain a shorter size. 


  • Do you dead head this Blue Bird Hydrangea ?
    Also, around mothers day 2019 i bought two puny little hydrangeas at walmart that I am trying to figure out what type hydrangea they are. They have blooms that start out a green with a tiny amount of pink/burgundy on them. They eventually become a deep pink/burgundy with some green. One of them is entirely a deep pink/burgundy. They have small dark green leaves. They are now no more that 18 inches high. One of these got broken last year and I stuck the broken piece in a pot. It came back with bigger, lighter green leaves with flowers that look like the Blue Bird Hydrangea….any ideas what these might be? Thanks for some help

    • Hi Regina, Thanks for the question. The Bluebird Hydrangea is a prolific bloomer so when ever a bloom looks like its done for the season it can be clipped out. They will send out another bloom if there is enough time left in the summer. As far as your other enquiry you could email me a picture to and I could identify it for you.

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