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Euonymus nana ‘Turkestanica’

Euonymus nana 'Turkestanica'


Distantly related to the popular Euonymus alatus (Burning Bush), this shrub is successfully grown here in the Okanagan. Turkestanica Burning Bush has the ability to survive extremely rocky soil and talus slopes.  It has narrow, semi-evergreen leaves that turn reddish purple in the fall and produces orange and red seeds in late summer.

Botanical Name: Euonymus nana ‘Turkestanica’

Common Name: Turkestan Burning Bush

Plant Type: Deciduous Shrub

Habit: Compact

Hardiness: Zones 3-8

Growth Rate: Medium

Size: H: 24” W:36”

Water: Moderate to Low

Exposure: Full Sun to Moderate Shade

Most Active Growing Season:

Flowering Season: Mid-summer, Late summer

 Bloom Colour: Orange, Pink

Additional Attributes: Drought resistant, Pollution tolerant


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