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“Big Lonely Doug” – Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas Fir)



Photo – TJ Watt

This may very well be the most significant big tree discovery in Canada in decades. This is a tree with a trunk as wide as a living room and stands taller than downtown skyscrapers,” said TJ Watt, Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) photographer and campaigner.

Conservationists with the Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) have recently discovered what may be Canada’s second largest recorded Douglas-fir tree.  The gargantuan tree, aptly named “Big Lonely Doug” stands 69 meters tall (226 feet) and measures 12 metres (39 feet) in circumference according to preliminary measurements. Ministry of Forests staff will take official measurements of the tree in April.

Judging by other large stumps in the vicinity, Big Lonely Doug is estimated to be about 1000 years old. Big Lonely Doug was found standing alone near the coastal town of Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island which is known as the “Tall Trees Capital” of Canada.



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