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Alstroemeria Plants For Grow and Show!

Common Name Peruvian Lily
Family Alstroemeriaceae
Genus Alstroemeria
Plant Type Annual
Hardiness Zone(USDA) 8 – 11 (0°C)
Growth Habit Bushy, spreading
Bloom Time  June, July, August, September (Depending on Variety)
Growth Rate Fast
Flowering Season Summer
Flower Colour white, yellow, orange, red, mauve and pink
Leaf Colour Green
Soil Moist but well-drained. Chalk, clay, sand or loam
Exposure Full Sun/ Part Sun (Depending on Variety)


Alstroemeria plants are one of the very best cut flowers it often out lasts every flower in the vase. As a cut flower it is a select variety that grows tall and is grown in greenhouses. It is sometimes available in nurseries in the spring and is an awesome planter specimen. The nursery varieties are often a short growing variety and are in full bloom or near when purchased and will typically bloom most of the summer. The colour selection is quite extensive so there’s good a chance that there will be a colour that fits your pallet.


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