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Acer griseum

Acer griseum bark Acer griseum Acer griseum foliage



A slow growing, under-storey tree with dark-green, 3-lobed leaves throughout the season until autumn when its foliage changes to spectacular tones of red-orange and even pink.   The Paperbark Maple is widely admired for its decorative, peeling bark.  It is one of the best small ornamental trees and is a great choice for providing winter interest.

Botanical Name: Acer griseum

Common Name: Paperbark Maple

Plant Type: Deciduous tree

Habit: Upright, oval in shape

Growth Rate: Slow growing 6 – 12” per year

Size: 15 – 30’ tall by 15 – 25’ spread.

Soil Type: Prefers moist, well drained soil

Exposure: Sun to part shade

Foliage Colour: Dark Green

Additional Attributes: The cinnamon coloured bark on mature trees peels away in curly ribbons to reveal new bark beneath.  Yellow-green flowers form in spring.



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