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Deer Fencing & Deer Deterrent Strategies

Our team of professionals can provide…

  • ‘Hi-tech’ nearly invisible fencing for long-term deer protection. Because of the invisibility of the product, deer are intimidated and will not attempt to jump it.
  • Extensive knowledge of deer resistant plants, shrubs, trees and hedges.
  • Deer damage deterrent method that is capable of being virtually 100% effective.
  • Deer fence proven to be incredibly durable, highly-effective, and has the least amount of visual impact upon the surroundings.
  • Deer control options from topically applied solutions to scare tactics and barrier methods.
  • Repellents made of natural organic materials that won’t harm humans or pets.

Our deer fencing materials are constructed from the finest polypropylene materials and have UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants added to ensure the longest life for our products (10 – 15 year average life for our Heavy Perimeter Fencing).