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After Care Package

Proper and professional maintenance of your landscape installation is important to preserve and enhance the quality and value of your investment. KHS can help keep your new landscape beautiful throughout the seasons with our maintenance and seasonal services.

  • Ensures your investment retains its value – the most crucial time for maintenance is immediately after installation. Plants are not established yet and require regular attention. Even the hardiest of most drought tolerant varieties WILL die if not properly cared for after installation.
  • Check up on all plant health – never lose one!
  • Saves future maintenance “One years seeding is seven years weeding” holds true. If the weeds are never allowed a foothold, they are not nearly as hard to keep under control.

Our professional maintenance staff approaches the care of your property from a comprehensive, long-term perspective, and utilizes a pro-active approach. We strive to combine the best horticultural practices with cost efficiency, and provide the highest level of value to our customers.
We understand that proper care and management is vital for a successful landscape investment.