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Lake Country Calendar

Hi Folks

    Hope all is well and you are ready for the Christmas Season that is around the corner, This is just a reminder for those who haven’t sent in their Holiday message for the Lake Country Calendar for next weeks edition. If you have sent me the info already, ignore this email and thanks for your business.  For those who haven’t sent in their information please do so or let me know via email that you will not be placing a Holiday Greetings to the folks in Lake Country, Oyama and Winfield.
   Just a reminder these ad’s will be placed in the body of the paper and will NOT be placed on two pages within in the paper, We are going to spread out the greetings so people notice your message and not just read one or two and then move on. So with that said, your ad could be placed beside a special event that just happened in the community, This is a great time to get your year end sales message to the general public or a general message to the nice folks with our community, It just doesn’t need to say Happy Holidays and thats it, You can put any message you would like within the Body of the Ad, Let me know and I will speak to you soon,
   Thanks again for your time and business over the past few months since I took on the Lake Country Calendar, It has been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. Take care and all the Best to you and your family!


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