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How to Grow Hot Peppers

This hot topic is one that really gets people excited. There are those among us who have developed a taste for the incredible rush of Capsicum, these people seem to have tongues of steel and a constitution to match. This popular hobby has blossomed many a new gardeners and people from all over are getting their hands in the dirt. I have some advice that should help to improve your odds of success.

  • Find a reliable source for seed and plant early, near the end of January
  • Start the seeds indoors on a heated pad. (Bottom Heat)
  • Use a grow light if possible
  • Pot up frequently to keep them growing happily
  • Prepare the garden with lots of worm castings, compost or other form of organic matter
  • Find the best hot sunny location with warm soil for an early start. Peppers do not like cold weather! Plant outside after May 24th In southern Canada.
  • It is wise to keep them covered with an insect screen for best results. If weather is extremely hot you may want to triple up your screen to add a bit of shading. Shading in extreme heat will prevent sun burn on the peppers.
  • Water regularly or as needed, ideally with drip lines. Feed regularly with your favourite fertilizer 2 times per week with water soluble type or 3 times with Kelp
  • Harvest can be late season depending on variety.

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Happy gardening!


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